If you’re a homeowner in the Phoenix, Arizona area, or Pinal County, you may have considered removing your pool for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re tired of the constant maintenance and expenses, or maybe you want to free up some space in your yard. Whatever the reason, Van’s Hauling is here to help with your pool removal needs.

Pool Being Removed in Phoenix, AZ

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Why Remove Your Pool?

While a pool can be a great source of entertainment and relaxation during the hot Arizona summers, it can also be a significant expense and liability. They require constant maintenance, including cleaning, chemicals, and repairs. They also add to your home’s overall expenses, such as higher insurance rates and increased energy bills.

In addition to the financial costs, an old pool can also be a liability. Accidents and injuries can occur, leading to lawsuits and other legal troubles. If you have small children or pets, it can be a safety hazard that you may not want to risk.

Removing your Phoenix area pool can also free up space in your yard for other uses. Maybe you want to remove it to install a garden, a playground for your kids, or a patio for outdoor entertaining. Whatever your plans may be, a pool removal project can open up new possibilities for your outdoor space.

Why Choose Van’s Hauling To Remove Your Pool?

Van’s Hauling is a professional pool removal company that has been serving the Phoenix area for over 20 years. They specialize in removing in-ground pools and use only the best equipment and techniques to ensure a safe and efficient removal process.

Van’s Hauling is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can trust them to handle removing your swimming pool with care and professionalism. We offer fair and competitive pricing, so you can get a sense of the cost before committing to the removal process.

The Pool Removal Process

Fiberglass Pool RemovalThe process of removing a swimming pool can vary depending on the type of pool you have and your specific needs. However, Van’s Hauling generally follows a standard process that includes the following steps:


Some locations where we work require a permit to be pulled prior to removal.

Drain the pool

Draining all water, chemicals, and debris is an essential step in a demolition. Before the demolition process can begin, the structure needs to be emptied of water. This typically involves using a pump or other methods to drain the water. It’s important to follow proper procedures and adhere to local regulations when draining water, as there may be specific guidelines in place to prevent water waste or damage to the surrounding environment. Additionally, care should be taken to ensure that it’s drained safely and efficiently, considering factors such as the location of drainage points, potential water flow issues, and the proper disposal of the drained water. Properly draining it as part of the demolition process allows for a smoother and more effective removal of the structure and paves the way for the subsequent stages of the demolition project.


Next, our demolition contractor will use specialized equipment to break down the pool into small pieces of concrete or fiberglass material. 

Care is taken to mitigate potential risks, including the proper handling of debris, adherence to safety protocols, and consideration for any surrounding structures or utilities. Our demolition professionals may also need to address potential environmental concerns and ensure the appropriate disposal of materials. Executing the demolition phase effectively sets the stage for subsequent steps, such as backfilling the site or preparing for future construction or landscaping.


Hauling is a crucial aspect of a demolition project involving the removal and transportation of debris, materials, and equipment from the demolition site. After the structure has been demolished and the debris generated, it needs to be properly hauled away for disposal. This process often requires the use of specialized trucks or containers to safely and efficiently transport the materials. Hauling involves careful coordination and adherence to waste management regulations to ensure responsible disposal methods. Our demolition contractors use proper hauling procedures to help maintain a clean and organized work site, minimize environmental impact, and facilitate the efficient progression of the overall demolition.


The final step is to fill in the area where the pool once was. Our crew can use either dirt or gravel, depending on your preferences. This typically involves the use of fill material, such as soil, gravel, or a combination of both. It is essential to ensure proper compaction of the fill material to prevent settling or uneven surfaces in the future. Additionally, consideration is given to any necessary drainage provisions to ensure proper water flow and prevent potential erosion issues. By effectively filling in the pool, the site can be prepared for future landscaping, construction, or any desired use, completing the inground removal project and transforming the site into a new functional space.

Swimming pool demolition can be a complex and time-consuming process, but with our crew handling the removal, you can trust the removal of an old pool will be done safely and efficiently. Call the Phoenix Arizona pool demolition experts today!

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If you’re considering removing your pool in the Phoenix area, Van’s Hauling is the best pool removal company to call. With our years of experience, professional equipment, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to handle your pool demolition needs with care and expertise. Contact Van’s Hauling today to learn more about our pool demolition services.

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