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Is your concrete cracked, chipped, or just plain ugly? Remove it! Concrete demolition in the Phoenix and Casa Grande areas is one of our specialties at Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work.



There are certain conditions when using a patching compound and resurfacing product will result in only a short-term fix. These conditions include:

Patching the concrete prior to resurfacing or doing a decorative topping would be a waste of time and money, as the surface or topping will soon show the same characteristics as the concrete that was repaired.


Under any of the above conditions, it would be better to remove and replace the concrete.



Overview of Common Concrete Demolition Methods

Concrete demolition can be a critical and difficult task that requires specialized techniques. The most common methods used for removing concrete are jackhammering and high-pressure water blasting. Jackhammering involves using a hand-held or machine-mounted tool to break up the concrete into small pieces. High-pressure water blasting is a process of applying pressurized water to the surface of the concrete in order to break it down into smaller pieces. Both of these techniques can be used in combination with one another for optimal results when demolishing concrete structures.



How do concrete removal contractors remove concrete slabs?

Unlike homeowners using a wheelbarrow and sledgehammer, Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work uses a front-end loader with a pneumatic breaker attachment. After the concrete is broken, the front-end loader loads the concrete into a dump truck and hauls it away to a landfill. This minimizes the equipment required and doesn’t leave huge puddles after high-pressure water is used.



How much does concrete removal cost?

When it comes to concrete removal in Phoenix, prices can vary depending on various factors. The size of the concrete structure, the complexity of the process, and the accessibility of the site are some key considerations that influence prices. Additionally, the type of equipment and tools required, as well as the labor costs involved, contribute to the overall cost. It’s essential to consult with reputable concrete removal professionals to assess the specific project requirements and receive an accurate estimate. By obtaining multiple quotes and comparing services, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and ensures efficient and reliable removal.


The total national average costs of removing concrete vary, but it is based on:

Measure the width and length of the concrete surface to determine the square footage. i.e. a driveway 10 feet wide by 30 feet long would be 300 square feet.


Then measure the depth of the concrete, so we know how many dump truck loads it will take to remove and haul away the broken concrete. Thicker concrete creates large amounts of concrete waste.

Then provide us with your address, so we know how far we’ll be transporting the broken concrete to the landfill. We can then provide you with an estimate for your concrete removal project expenses.

Unlike homeowners using a wheelbarrow and sledgehammer, Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work uses a front end loader with a pneumatic breaker attachment. After the concrete is broken, the front end loader loads the concrete into a dump truck and hauls it away to a landfill. This minimizes the equipment required and doesn’t leave huge puddles after high-pressure water is used.


Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work can do all types of Concrete Removal jobs, we are capable of removing existing concrete or asphalt pads on any project. We work in Maricopa and Pinal County including the Phoenix area, as well as Casa Grande and surrounding communities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible to pour fresh concrete on top of old concrete without removing the existing layer. However, this is not recommended as it can often lead to structural issues down the line. The previous concrete will act as a barrier between the new and existing layers, which can prevent the two from bonding correctly. Additionally, if there are any underlying issues with the existing concrete, it’s much easier to identify and address these by removing the old layer first. Ultimately, for best results, it’s always best to remove the old layer before pouring a new one, including smaller concrete fragments.

Generally speaking, there are no restrictions on when or where concrete can be removed. However, it’s always important to check with local authorities to make sure that the project complies with any applicable regulations or laws. Depending on factors such as the size of the job and the type of concrete being removed, a permit may be required before work can begin. If hazardous materials are present in the concrete, special precautions and safety protocols may need to be followed during the removal process. By understanding any restrictions that may apply to your project, you can ensure that removing your concrete is completed safely and efficiently, at the lowest cost.

After the concrete has been removed, it must be disposed of properly. The most common method is to take broken sections of concrete to a local landfill or recycling facility, where it can be reused or repurposed. Van’s Hauling expert concrete contractors will take care of removing your concrete from beginning to end, including removing concrete debris when finished.

The amount of time it takes to remove concrete depends on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, simple projects, such as a small driveway, can be completed in a few hours, while more complex concrete structures, such as a large patio, may require days or even weeks to complete. The type of tools used for the project will also affect the timeframe; for example, using jackhammers or other heavy-duty equipment may speed up the process. Local weather conditions can also play a role in how long it takes to complete the job. Rainy weather may slow down progress, but fortunately, here in Phoenix, that doesn’t happen often.

When it comes to removing concrete, there are a number of environmental concerns that should be taken into consideration. One such concern is the potential for dust particles, which can be breathed in and can cause respiratory issues. Safety goggles and a dust mask are two essential concrete-breaking tools and safety precautions homeowners may forget about for their concrete removal project. That’s why hiring a pro is your best option for demolition projects.


Concrete is a mixture of other materials, such as sand and gravel, which can release hazardous chemicals when disturbed. If concrete is not removed properly, these chemicals can leach into the ground and contaminate soil and groundwater. We make sure that any removal of concrete is done safely and in accordance with local regulations.

Removing concrete is a job that requires the use of specialized tools in order to be done safely and effectively. Some of the most commonly used tools for removing and breaking up concrete include an electric or pneumatic jackhammer, a sledgehammer, chisels, and a pry bar. At Van’s Hauling, we have the right tools and take all necessary safety precautions to ensure that your concrete removal project goes as smoothly as possible.

Removing concrete is often carried out in order to make way for new construction or renovations. There are many reasons why people might need to remove concrete, such as replacing a driveway that has cracked and shifted, making it unusable. Making room for a new pool or even just replacing broken-down concrete with fresh material. Whatever the reason, it’s important to hire a professional contractor to ensure the task is done safely and correctly.

Concrete demolition can be a challenging process, and there are many different methods of demolition. In many cases, it can be dangerous for the average homeowner to attempt it on their own and could result in expensive property damage. It should only be attempted by experienced concrete demolition contractors who know the proper use of demolition equipment. They’ll have the necessary tools and safety equipment to properly remove large sections of concrete. While you can rent a jackhammer, improper use of concrete breaking tools, think breaking your main water or sewer line, can negate any cost savings.


Have you had your Tetanus shot? Wire mesh in the concrete is going to be rusty and you don’t want to puncture your arm either.



Professionals will also know how to properly dispose of the old material and prepare the former concrete slab location for any new construction or landscaping that needs to be done. DIY concrete removal is never a good idea.

Depending on the condition of the concrete structures, it may be possible to reuse materials from demolished concrete. For instance, if the concrete is in good condition, it can often be crushed and used for gravel or other fill material. If the concrete is in poor condition, it may be possible to salvage some of the materials, such as steel reinforcements or masonry blocks for reuse. You’ll often find wire mesh used inside slabs of concrete.


Ultimately, when it comes to reusing materials from a concrete removal job, it depends on the condition of the concrete and what you intend to use the materials for.

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